Rotating mechanism: The rotating mechanism of the excavator includes a slewing bearing and a slewing transmission device, which is used to realize the slewing motion of the excavator. Bearings play the role of support and transmission in these mechanisms, ensuring the stability and reliability of the excavator during operation.

Bucket and arm: The bucket and arm of the excavator need to move up and down, swing and other movements frequently. Bearings are used in these joints to reduce friction, reduce energy loss, and ensure smooth movement.

Hydraulic system: There are also many places where bearings are needed in the hydraulic system of the excavator, such as the support and transmission parts of hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders and other components. Bearings can reduce friction during movement and improve transmission efficiency.

Drive system: The drive system of the excavator includes the engine, transmission system, etc. There are also many bearing applications in these systems, such as the main reducer, traveling gear, etc. The bearings can withstand high loads and high speeds, and ensure the stability and reliability of the transmission. sex.

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