Wind Turbines


Wind Turbines

Main bearing: The main bearing of the wind turbine is responsible for supporting the weight of the wind wheel and the power generation part of the wind turbine, and at the same time bearing the huge axial and radial loads caused by the rotational motion. These bearings usually rotate at high speeds and therefore need to have high wear resistance, high temperature resistance and service life.

Generator Bearings: Bearings are also required in the generator portion of a wind turbine to support the rotating parts of the generator rotor and stator. Generator bearings require high precision and stability to ensure efficient power generation and stable operation of the generator.

Gearbox Bearings: There are also many bearing applications in wind turbine gearboxes to support and transmit the rotational motion of the gears. These bearings need to be able to withstand high loads and speeds, and have good durability and reliability to ensure the normal operation of the gearbox.

Directional bearings: Directional bearings are used in the steering system of wind turbines to ensure that the wind wheel can be positioned and rotated correctly according to the wind direction to maximize the capture of wind energy.

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